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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 14, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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coast. wildfires raging across america and turning deadly. >> one person killed hundreds of homes destroyed thousands of people now trying to escape the relentless flames as the governor declares a state of emergency. >> kelly wright is live with us. >> it is terrible indeed. it created a lot of fuel for fire. we see that happening. now people caught in areas where fires are burning out of control are have beening waiting the areas once called home. look at this literal thriving out of an inferno. trees and the ground burning on both sides of the road. smoke and flames in your rear view as you race against time to get out of the danger zone. >> it is like a scene from a movie. it was terrifying. >> the wildfires are moving rapidly killing one person and creating a trail of destruction.
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100 homes have been destroyed so far. valley fire has burned more than 80 square miles. >> these fires are burning in all directions. fuel driven fires, the plume of smoke is creating its own weather so they are very unpredictable. >> communities like hidden valley middle town has had destruction from the fire. destroying flames of houses downing their foundations. many who escape the fires are grateful to be alive. >> (indiscernible) >> jerry brown has called a state of emergency due to the wildfires. >> kelly wright live for us here in the studio. thank you. terrible images to see.
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another fox news alert this morning breaking overnight two planes packed with people colliding on the runway. united airlines flight from new jersey taxiing to the gate in los angeles when an alaska airlines jet pushing away from the terminal slammed right into the plane. terrified passengers watching in horror from inside the planes reported seeing chunks of the wing on the tarmac. all 350 travelers on both of those flights were safely evacuated. engineers are now inspecting both of the jets. >> on high alert some brand new information just revealed about a plot to attack the pope during his visit to the u.s. this as al qaeda calls for lone wolf attacks on americans. american law enforcement is keeping an eye on the places he will go and they are working in different ways to prepare for a
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visit than they do prepare for other dick terries pope frances tries to work the crowd. one of the details provided for lawmakers briefing is our security intel agencies already found and stopped one plot against the pope. >> we are monitoring closely as the pope comes into the united states. we have disrupted one particular case, in particular as the date approaches we are all are very vigilant to protect them as he comes into the united states. >> this comes amid new concerns about lone wolf attacks by radical islamist terrorists as one law enforcement source pointed out to the new york post today the pope is probably going to have a bigger security detail than the president because of the length of his tour through out the u.s.
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here's what the schedule looks like from the 22nd to the 24th of september here in dc and the 25th in new york and 25th and 27th in philadelphia. the secret service will play a big role in protecting the pope and they travel from the white house grounds all of the way to the vatican to better understand ways to, would with the swiss guard. >> peter doocy live for us in washington. thanks, peter. a manhunt underway at this hour. he is armed and dangerous. he's wanted after two troopers were hurt in texas. he started fighting with the officers then he tried to take off as the troopers tried to stop them they were either thrown or hit by the car. the suspect's car has been found. he is nowhere to be found. >> three teens wanted for
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copycat attacks in arizona. there was no choice, a sling shot. they admitted to firing worrockt 10 pedestrians and cars. one followed them and got a license plate number and called police. the drivers have been on edge after shots were fired at 11 vehicles in the past two weeks. police are still looking for the shooter. kentucky clerk kim davis is returning to work at 8:00 a.m. after a court ordered her to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. she refused to complien der the same law. the clerks have been giving licenses. davis will not violate her conscience and wants all recent licenses null and void. not everyone is welcoming her back. a huge billboard put up by a nonprofit reads this, the fact that you can't sell your daughter for three goats and a
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cow means we have already redefined marriage in reference to an old testament passage. >> in the race switching gears donald trump and hillary clinton are neck and neck separated three points. a brand new poll has 46 percent of registered voters choosing clinton to 43 percent picking trump. clinton has an advantage with all registered adults while trump leads among registered independents. while trump is rising in the polls more than 1,000 people are expected to come for a dump the trump rally. just as donald trump addresses 10's of thousands inside the american airlines center. >> we are not going to stand for people like trump and other politicians using us like a pinata. we are going to use donald trump as the pinata.
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>> latino activists don't like the tough stance on immigration. if elected he vows to deport all undocumented mexicans and build a wall along the border. >> 2016 presidential candidate ben carson is talking responding to you go trump's latest attack alleging he lax energy. >> part of the problem is we live in a sound bite society people take one phrase or two phrases and try to portray the person as that who has no other ability to think about any other aspects of it. he only thinks about that which of course is not true. when i get in front of people and they have an opportunity to hear something in-depth. you don't have to be loud to be energetic. >> i like this story. nfl football is finally back with a wild week one in the books. start in texas they stun the
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giants tony roam mow. sorry about that. tony roam mow saved his best for last leading the cowboys on 2 scoring drives late in the second quarter. looked like the giantses had it. seahawks upset by the rams 34 to # 31 in over time. six sax. it was a rookie qb match up. leading the titans to a 42 to 14 win against the bucks. they set an nfl record with 4 touchdown passes in the first half of his debut. >> the panthers play. they won. >> we were excited about that game. joke vi djokovich captured his second u.s. open title. after a three-hour rain delay the number one seed beat federer
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in 4 sets. this was his 4th grand slam title of the year and 10th of his career. >> exciting weekend. >> i wish serena had gotten to the finals, though. >> lots of people were saying that. looks like summer doesn't want to let up. doesn't want to give up on the summer and much of the country. >> get ready if you live in that area with some rain. good morning. >> you mentioned summer is still sticking around in some parlths of the count-- some parts of th country. you will notice temperatures are a lot cooler. it has dropped 10 degrees in the last 24-hours. th we are dealing with the rain early this morning parts of new
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england and paurts of florida as well. big cool front and much cooler behind the system. across parts of the west you are looking at showers especially across parts of the rockies. travel look tough. we mentioned that cooler air. take a look at some of the temperatures this morning. new york city 59. we were just at 50 in cleveland. also in the city of rally, texas and we will mention the heat and there it is 91 degrees forecast in the city of denver. it is now 10 minutes after the top of the hour. a dramatic rescue in wasist hig water the heros that pulled a grandfather and grandson out to safety. >> the warning all parents need to hear about. how thieves are targeting children. >> speaking of children, a kiss is just a kiss until it's criminal. the dare that has a middle schooler facing serious charges
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? it happened overnight. one militant blew himself up at the prison gate allowing others to open cells and release 350 inmates. three attackers were killed, search police officers injured. >> three people are under arrest after a security scare at the pentagon. officers seeing wires coming out of a driver's door -- on a street i should say in the south parking lot. all three people inside. am they were passed out the driver was allegedly drunk.
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tried to drive off when police approached them. they were caught immediately. nothing dangerous was found inside the vehicle. a fourth inmate a dead in a prison brawl in oklahoma. the violence erupting during some sort of an attack or fight at the cimarron correctional nas i facility. three other inmates are hurt. this is the second time in four months that prison has been locked down over out of control inmates. >> second degree assault charge because of a dare to kiss a classmate. the 16-year-old was raised at the middle school after teachers call the cops after seeing him grab a girl by the shirt and forcefully kiss her. he says someone dared him to do it they say it is a violation of the conduct code and he may also be expelled. >> a fox business alert.
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did you know the kids are 51 more times likely to become victims of identity theft than adults are? >> lauren simonetti with what parents need to know. >> good morning, ladies. a warning for parents. karn began melon research says children are 51 times more likely to be victims of identity theft. they have social security numbers they can make a phony identity. costco had infringed tiffany's trademark and used the word tiffany to describe the ring setting in the display cases. they may seek punitive and financial damages. if you made the commercial for doritos and win the company will air your commercial during the super bowl and award you a million dollars, too.
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if you want to score a free trip to the big game enter 50 for 15 sweepstakes. you have to be a rewards member in order to sign up. in the box office first movie $26.5 million and second place 25.7 million. >> now it is time to brew on this. in another case of bad sportsmanship caught on camera. a texas football player seen hitting a referee. >> unsportsmanlike conduct -- another. >> he just hit the referee. >> this happened at san antonio's saint anthony high school. penalty flags go flying after tempers are hot. arrests to the quarterback and
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throws yet another flag. that's when the quarterback can be seen shoving the official. he was rejected from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct. this comes after a week after two texas high schoolers were caught on camera targeting arrests they claim he was making racial remarks. >> are high school sports getting too competitive? send an e-mail to and we will share them later in the show. >> the time is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. mid air mix-up. the shocking admission from american airlines about where the wrong plane took flight. >> and holy hops inside the big beer gis trying to cash in on the folks american visit. can a business have a mind?
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>> a philadelphia police officer is steaming mad after a starbucks refuses to let him use the rest room. the facebook post going viral. he writes about a woman telling him the rest room was for paying customers only and refuses to give him the key and code twice. the local police officer is demanding a change in policy. >> suppose you had a little 3, 4-year-old child. you don't go to work looking to hurt anybody or take anybody's life we are looking to protect you and the community. that's all we expect in return is a little courtesy. >> the customer's experience is not consistent with the welcome environment we serve to create for everyone.
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>> time now for your monday motivat motivator. as officers come acrointo attac across the country many are rally to go support the police. in chicago officers team up with local kids for the 6th annual peace in the park after dark. the officers cook out. they camp and play games with the children. all events in the community. >> they have questions they want to ask as officers and we answer them. we try to find out what is in their world. >> the event honors a police officer shot and killed in 2010. a diner picking up a sheriff's tab leaving him this note on the receipt saying i have got your six #blue lives matter. >> the pope's first visit to the united states is inspiring many entrepreneurs. fox and friends weekend co host
2:24 am
anna kooiman is here with one of the pope inspired contests. they won't just be cheering they will be cheering as well. here's why. >> catholics and non catholics alike are thanking heaven. the hopope is heading to americ. there are t-shirt and bobble heads. it is made in honor of pope frances' ever trip to the united states. >> i was raised catholic. i went to a catholic university and being in the beer business wanted to do something to celebrate the pope coming to the u.s. all of the kids are saying you only live once, yolo why not
2:25 am
yopo, you only pope once. >> we did a lot of research on the pope's interests as it relates to the pope. unpeal a unpailally ale with hops. >> trading in the beer glasses for safety glasses. unholy amount of hops in yopo how much? >> we use 60 pounds for every batch of yopo. they pair perfectly with the spice and cut. the folks are from argentina. the drink is only comes in taps help them tap into their critical side. >> it is not offensive. i know the pope drinks beer. we are making it not offensive to the catholic institution.
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>> it is delicious. the cape may brewing company is the third largest in new jersey. they brewed $500 of yo po you only pope once. it is in cape may starting on the 21st of september. >> i am jealous. i can't try it right now. >> a couple more months. >> 7 weeks he or she will be here. >> the time is now 26 after the top of the hour. seriously hurt the bronco season opener how the fans football excitement turned into absolute devastation. >> changes in the air. the new push to prevent air accidents at airports. i have type 2 diabetes.
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california's fastest moving wildfires in decades turn deadly overnight forcing thousands of more people to flee. >> (indiscernible) >> brand new video this morning driving right in the middle of those flames. rattled on the runway hundreds of passengers on two packed planes terrified overnight at one of the country's busiest airports. >> the jolt that had two jets colliding. >> the drastic measures being taken because of an increase in bear selfies. it is true. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you and your fami waking up welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. out of control wildfires turning
2:31 am
deadly in california. hundreds of homes are now destroyed forcing thousands of people to pack up and leave. >> kelly wright is here with the latest for us. >> good morning to you. the fires are raging out of control as you stated. in their path they are blazing a path of destruction and death. a mind boggling drive at a community you are looking at now shows how dangerous the fires has become. along the road trees and shrubbery burning. it is literally a race against time for people to escape the inte infer inferno. some were facing a ferocious wall of fire rapidly moving towards them giving them minutes to escape. >> scariest thing i have ever been through in my life. i grabbed a couple of photo albums and you think you are going to be prepared and you are not. >> the wildfires are moving rapidly leaving a trail of
2:32 am
destruction 400 homes and businesses so far. the so-called valley fire burned nearly 8 square miles. communities like hidden valley and middle town experienced the mows dest trucks from the fires. burning the homes down to their foundations. many people who escape the fires are grateful to be alive. >> there's fire every where. hous houses, friends houses. (indiscernible) >> we are a strong community and we all sit together and rebuild it day by day. >> it will help them survive this. jerry brown had declared a state of emergency. he also called for the help from the national guard. >> kelly wright live for us this morning. terrible images. thank you.
2:33 am
to another fox news alert at this hour. breaking overnight two planes packed with people collide on a runway. a united airlines flight from new jersey was taxiing in the gate at los angeles airport when an alaska airline ship pushing away from the terminal slammed right into it terrified customers watching in horror those passengers from inside the plane. they reported seeing chunks of the wing tip on the tarmac. all 350 travelers on both flights were safely evacuated. engineers inspecting both jets. three teens arrested for terrorizing drivers and pedestrians in copycat attacks in arizona. their weapon of choice a sling shot. the 18-year-olds admit to firing rocks at 10 different pedestrians and at four cars. one of those cars followed them, got their license plate number and called police. drivers riding along that stretch of i 10 in phoenix has been on edge because someone is
2:34 am
the shaing at the cars 11 vehicles in the past two weeks. police are still looking for the shooter. a manhunt underway at this hour this man is armed and dangerous. he is wanted after four troopers were hurt during a traffic stop in texas. when he was pulled over he got out and started fighting with the officers. then tried to take off. as the troopers tried to stop him they were either thrown or hit by the car. his car has been found but no sign of him. brand new details on a threat to attack the pope during his visit to the united states later this month. this as al qaeda sets up its own threat calling for lone wolf attacks against americans. peter doocy is following the latest developments at washington. peter? >> law americas have been preach breached in a plat to harm pope frances during a visit to the united states has been prevented before it could advance any
2:35 am
further. that's what we are getting were michael mccall. k com to comes as they are work feverishly to stop lone wolf terror attacks by radical islamic terrorists. >> he is a passionate man. he likes to get out with the people. with that comes a large security risk. we are monitoring very closely threats against the pope as he comes in to the united states. we have disrupted one particular case in particular. >> so the pope moves unpredictably in public but the planned event presents difficult security challenges as well like a parade at madison square garden and an appearance outside of the u.s. capitol. the 22nd through the 24th here in dc then the 24th through the 26th in new york. and the 26th and 27th the pope will be in philadelphia. the secret service director joseph clancy went to the vatican to meet with the swiss
2:36 am
guard to better coordinate efforts. one law enforcement source is coordinated by the pope saying the pope will have a bigger security detail than the president because of the length of his tour through out the u.s. >> peter doocy live for us this morning. european leaders are set to meet today to discuss the my p grant crisis a day after germany placed temporary border patrols. the interior minister says refugees can't choose their host countries and are calling on other european states to do more. germany's vice chancellor adding the country is at the limit of the capabilities. they expect 800,000 migrant to come this year. >> one of the most active volcanoes spewing a big cloud of ash into the sky. you can see the black plume of smoke arriving after it erupted without any warning.
2:37 am
nearby buildings are blanketed by volcanic ash. look at that. there were 100 hikers nearby when at that time that volcano erupted thankfully they were not hurt. this volcano erupted in april as well. >> unbelievable all of that ash. had no clue that was going to happen. >> something else that is dramatic police body cam video capture the moments officers rescue a driver and his grandson. >> open the back door. open the back door. >> open up the window. i got your hand. >> jesus christ. i didn't realize it was that deep. >> the driver got stranded on a flooded street near san antonio, texas. they quickly pulled him out of the window and helped him to safety. he will meet the officers in our 7:00 hour. >> if you live in that area it happens often unfortunately. >> the heat is on today in the
2:38 am
middle part of the country at least. most of the east is starting to feel like fall. definitely when you walk out this morning it did. >> maria is in the weather center with more. >> we had a cool front that cleared the eastern u.s. over the weekend and behind that the system took a plunge. not only in the northeast but as you head further south into the carolinas and into georgia it will be a beautiful day. we are expecting the hot temperatures to continue across parts of the plains. let's look at the cooler air mass in the 50's in chicago, cleveland and down into raleigh and also atlanta. widespread chillier air mass out there as we head further west into the center of the nation from minneapolis to texas you are looking at temperatures that are a lot more like summer out there reaching the 80's and 90's. 91 degrees across parts of the rockies. if you live out here travel will
2:39 am
be slow today we are expecting rain. here she is. your new miss america. >> miss georgia. >> miss georgia betty cantrell bested 50 beauty queens to take home the coveted title. the 21-year-old wowed judges by singing opera. beautiful voice and answering the tough question about tom brady and the cheating scandal. >> i would have to be there and see the ball and feel it and make sure it was deflated or not deflated, if there's a question there, if there were any questions -- >> cantrell breaks new york's three-year streak of miss america winners. >> some of the questions were very political. >> were they? did you watch? >> i did. i was up late. >> i wish i had watched. i didn't know it was on. >> it was a late night.
2:40 am
the time now is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. closing in on clinton. the brand new poll showing fading support for the democratic frontrunner with trump some surged into the fall. >> rewarded for failure the new plan that would give diplomas to thousands of students who flunked out. using miles for the thanksgiving trick you might be better off buying coach tickets. what the airlines don't want you to hear.
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>> a broncos fan at the scene opener who fell 15 fooefrt the railing during the game. the 42-year-old was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. no word yet on the extent of his
2:44 am
injuries. the fall appears to be an accident. this comes weeks after a baseball fan died in atlanta after falling from the deck. a brand new push to prevent incidents like this involving drones. >> a a mile back there was a drone flying on the southwest side of the abandoned airport. >> senator chuck schumer planning to introduce legislation to fire those blocking technology. a drone crashed into the stands at the u.s. open. geo fencing may have stopped it by keeping the drone out of the restricted gps location. >> sticking with the airline scene right now. american airlines admitting to a shocking med air mix-up. it sent the wrong air bus a 321 on a long hall flight from los angeles to hawaii last month. that plane was not certified to fly over the pacific ocean. the crew was notified immediately and the flight
2:45 am
landed safely in honolulu. planes that fly overseas are supposed to have extra cargo space and medical equipment on board. >> hopefully they all have medical equipment on board. anyway. beware where you book your next flight with your miles. our sister network fox business has the dirty little secret of the frequent flyer programs. >> we struggle to get the miles accrued on one airline. these programs and miles are no the what you think. according to a recent study availability rages from 100 percent at southwest airlines to dismal 58 percent on delta which doesn't seem to be that bad. that is for flights between major cities. coach economy seats meaning upgrades are much less available. awards are often hidden especially if you want reward
2:46 am
travels on major airlines. you may have to call to get a straight answer. the fees, the fuel charges are outrageous according to the paper. you want to change your award travel they have high fuel charges and as well saying miles aren't worth their asking price usually worth about a penny per mile. better off buying coach seats than using miles for a trip especially if you have a frequent flyer credit card. the best use of miles is for business and first class travel through an upgrade or if you are fully book a long hall trip with miles from start to finish. back to you. >> taking notes on all of that. thank you. to find the fox business network log on to it is now 46 minutes after the top of the hour. al major flag on a high school foot mraul pl football player caught on camera hitting a ref. days after another hit on an
2:47 am
official. are high school sports getting too competitive? twice as nice, the twin's incredible story that will have you seeing double. >> let's find out what's happening on "fox & friends." >> coming up on "fox & friends", you know the u.s. airman who helped thwart the terror attack on the train in france, spencer stone? he will join us live. how to get clothes for fall for free. we are going to tell you how. doctor phil joins us on the curve have i couch. we are going to talk about the latest pole numbers. good news for donald trump. good news for dr. ben carson. good news for you. we start in 12 minutes minutes.
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i tried depend last weekend. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. . . upon at
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welcome back to "fox and friends." the race to 2016 now neck and neck between the democratic and republican frontrunners. hillary clinton and donald trump separated by a narrow three points in a new poll. just as the candidates gear up for the next gop debate. doug luzader is live for us this washington with a look at the new numbers. >> good morning, let's start with the numbers here. the head to head matchup, the potential matchup between hillary clinton and donald trump. hillary clinton is ahead but slightly. 46 to 43. that's still within the margin of error. republicans acknowledging this is going to be a long process as they try to settle in on one of these 16 remaining candidates. >> will you communicate in tone is important. it's not what you say but how you say it. i think all of our moms have told us that.
2:52 am
>> every candidate in all the campaigns are going to do whatever they need to do in order to benefit their own campaigns. and i suspect that there will be a lot more things happening over the next several weeks. >> we've got 17 candidates running. just by attrition, you're going to have people dropping out. i mean, look, there's not enough hard cash to go around. >> we saw texas governor rick perry drop out last week. largely, this new poll solidifies what we've been seeing. donald trump is building on his lead with dr. ben carson solidifying the number two slot. on the democratic side, hillary clinton's numbers continue to fall at 42%. bernie sanders coming on strong and joe biden sitting at 21%. not a bad position to be in should he decide to enter the race. heather? >> you haven't even declared and you're at 21%. thank you so much, doug.
2:53 am
appreciate it. let's keep talking about this. does trump have what it takes to beat hillary clinton? log on after for a live debate, #keep talking. all eyes are on kentucky clerk kim davis as she heads back to work today following five days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. upon her release from jail, she was told not to interfere with deputies issuing the licenses. her attorney says the licenses issued in her absence could be null and void because davis' name is on the licenses. we'll keep you posted on that. california could soon get diploma to thousands of students who failed out of high school. under a new bill headed to governor jerry brown's desk, roughly 40,000 people who failed the exit exam would still get diplomas as long as they got the
2:54 am
rest of the requirements. some back as 2006 would require. lawmakers say the students should be given a break because the exit exam is no longer a requirement to graduate. what about this? they say that twins are double the fun. what if you have five sets in two generations? kelly bunker and kelly wall of examples of that. the identical twin sisters are each pregnant with their second set of twins. they both conceived their first sets through in vitro, fast forward four years and now they are pregnant together again. the sisters are due just two weeks apart this spring. what a great story. >> love that. >> what about you? >> i wanted them so badly. not happening. not god's plan for my life. >> it's 6 minutes to the top of the hour. two fast spreading wildfires where thousands more families are forced to plea. >> tailgating families find out
2:55 am
that beer and baseball bats don't mix.
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take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. one person is dead, hundreds others, their homes are destroyed as relentless wildfires are raging in california. the governor's declared a state of emergency there. a threat to attack the pope stopped by federal authorities ahead of his trip to the u.s. later this month. the nature of that threat is not yet known.
2:59 am
lax officials are trying to figure out what went wrong on the tarmac after two planes full of passengers collided while they were taxiing. no one was hurt, thank goodness. time for the good, bad and the ugly. a group of wisconsin police officers took some time to attend a 7-year-old's birthday party after he sent them a personal invitation to join the party. brock, who is also 6, wants to be a police officer when he grows up. and the bad, a park outside denver, colorado, now closed because people are taking selfies with bears. they're doing this, turning their backs to the wild animals to capture the perfect picture. and finally the ugly, the buffalo bills fans chugged beer and spun around. when it comes time to swing, he goes headfirst into a bus. >> time now for your brew on this responses. another display of bad sportsmanship. quarterback ejected from the game after shoving a ref.
3:00 am
we're asking are sports too competitive. she says the kids are punks and have no respect for authority. >> trooch too much pressure on young people and they do stupid things. >> also on the coaches for not teaching players respect. this player would never play for me again. >> thanks for joining us. "fox and friends" starts now. hello friends. good morning. today is monday, the 14th of september, 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for alyssa hasselbeck. a terror plot against the pontiff has been thwarted. details just ahead. >> you want to hear about that. get ready for round two with the next republican debate a couple of days away. the gloves are coming off. donald trump and ben carson fighting for first place. the latest numbers coming up. there


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